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Today, all brands communicate on everything, all the time, and want to be on every social network to “tick the box”.


Play a little game: look at the number of likes on brand accounts and compare it to their hundreds of thousands of subscribers. CQFD. They speak continuously but are no longer audible. Something’s broken in communications, and it’s time we dared to say it.


So, after a stint in a minister’s office, at the Élysée Palace and in the startup world, I decided to create Komando.


Why the name, you may ask? Well, because I wanted to take a strong stand: to go against what advertising agencies usually do.


In concrete terms? No year-round support, just 6-month commando missions (now you’ve finally got it…) with a clear focus from the outset. Spoiler: no, “reaching young people” is not a clear brief. No turnkey brief passed on to every customer (and then entrusted to juniors), but a willingness to start from scratch every time, always looking for the side step that will make the difference in the ambient noise.


There’s no presumption of being “the best agency for everything”, but rather a desire to work differently, by building made-to-measure teams with the top 1% of freelancers, who are each experts in their own fields (branding, social media, art direction, public affairs, etc.).


To all those who recognize themselves in this manifesto,


Do you have a project to share?

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What we do
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Et comme pour la plupart
on a travaillé ensemble sur plusieurs projets, il semblerait qu’ils soient d’heureux clients !

DID List

Sélection non exhaustive de projets que j’ai adorés piloter

Ministry of Agriculture 2022

Creative concept of POV videos, memes and partnerships to introduce 13-17 year olds to the agricultural sector. +12k students at the start of the 2022 school year.

Brigad 2023

Rethink your communications strategy to communicate your CSR commitments as a company with a mission (in a less soporific way than the good old 50-page pdf).

Élysée 2022

Launch Cocorico, the 1st newsletter from the Presidency of the Republic, with the editorial line ‘good initiatives that make sense everywhere in France.

France Digitale 2023

Manage the 1st French newsletter on startup news, received by 25,000 subscribers. The bias? Bringing useful information to your audience rather than talking about your own news.

AXA 2023

Because employees have on average 23x more reach on their posts than brands, train (international!) ambassadors.

BNP Paribas Private Banking 2023

Accompany a CAC 40 player in its Instagram strategy with the launch of a media account and its first operation with a content creator.



Helping a luxury hotel stand out from the crowd

By daring to go 100% silver on Instagram. Because we’ve had enough of Instagram photos of women in front of their windows overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Fighting screen addiction

By proposing, for example, a partnership between the SNCF and a second-hand book platform to install book boxes in railcars.

Bringing Top Chef to life in social media

With everything but video excerpts from the show, there’s huge potential for creating exclusive content with contestants and chefs, going behind the scenes and engaging a community.

Supporting a chef’s communications

The aim is to get him to get into the game and feed his social networks himself, without filters (i.e. anything but smooth, sanitized photos of dishes…).

Carry out a (major) cancer prevention operation

Because it’s an anxiety-provoking subject that can be creatively viralized through clever partnerships. And that it’s important to me.

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